This is what our exhibitors say

Mr André Lesmeister, Managing Director - Squiby Foods

This is our third visit to Iran. Unfortunately we had no business yet but we are patient. Iran is a big market who will be looking for European quality products. We want to be ready!

Iranian people are young and love to travel. So the demand will come for our products.

The current situation in Iran is a problem for us, especially the protectionism of the government. It is so difficult to get the products into the market. But Iran seems more stable than before.

Our main target here at iran food + hospitality 2017 is to look for importers and exporters.

Herklaas (right) - Danie's Sauces

We are not yet active in Iran. It is our first time here and we have had a very positive response towards our products. We think that this is a market with an extremely high potential.

The Iranian market is growing and more Iranians are trying out more new flavours and they also love to spice their barbeques. Therefore we have a lovely line of products.

The current situation here in Iran seems to be positive. This means we will be able to establish business connections and relationships in a positive way.

This is our first participation at iran food + hospitality 2017. We mainly came to test the interest and to get a feeling for the market as Iran has a growing spice market here. Till now we have amazing response and a positive interest in our products. 

Mr Pietro Ercolani, Export Manager - Spigadoro

This is our first time in Iran and we are looking forward to importers for our pasta products. We believe that the Iranian market has big possibilities to grow with Italian products.

We produce pasta and pizza with respect to Italian traditions and quality: Two products Iranian people like. At the moment I think they don't know Italian products.

We participate at iran food + hopsitality 2017 to find a reliable importer interested in the western sytle for distributing our pasta here.

Mr Ivan Razenkov, Deputy Commercial Director - Kyivkhlib

We are not active yet in Iran but it is a very big market and we want to start selling our products here and around Iran.

Our products are suitable for the Iranian market because they have a great taste, they are fully natural and cheap. They have a great demand across the world and the Iranian people will like our products, too.

At the moment there are huge taxes and customer fees which increase the prices. But here are living 80 million people so it is a great opportunity for us to start our business here.

We participate at iran food + hospitality 2017 to start to set up our business. We want to find a partner so that we can sell our products. 

Mr Siri Angkurat, Export Department - Sweet Bee Farm

The main products under the brand "Tamarind House" by Sweet Bee Farm come in a variety of finished forms including preserved fruit, snacks and juice concentrates.

We export our products to Iran since two years. Iranian people love fruits, especially sour fruits. At the moment we have some problems with the imports to Iran.

Our main target here at iran food + hospitality 2017 is to meet potential importers and distributors.

Mr Mert Kececi, Key Account Manager - Marine Harvest Norway

Since 2016 after sanctions lifted, we started to build connections and to research.

Iran is a fastly developing country. The high population and the young generation is a great potential for healthy products like salmon. Salmon business has a big potential - it is healthy and it tastes!

We are working together with the Norwegian Sea Food Council and our company "Marine Harvest" is the world's biggest sea food company.

We participate at iran food + hospitality 2017 to meet Iranian customers and to collect more information about the current market.

Mr Imad Shahin, Key Account Manager Export - TSI

We at TSI are specialists for food. We are focusing on private labels as well as our own entry-level brands. Our approach is that we deliver branded product quality at a reasonable price. This is achieved by coordinating a global network of over 150 producers and more than 3,000 customers.

Since four years we are active in Iran now, a very important market with a population of 85 million people.

Our huge assortment gives us the opportunity to have potential customers here in Iran. The current situation is stable and we hope to have success here.

Our main target here at iran food + hospitality 2017 is to find new partners. We are very satisfied with the show so far, the Iranian people are open for discussions. 

Mr Dario Mamerti - GIMA

Since its inception Gima Caffè was synonymous of quality. Gima Caffè has identified, in the demanding Bar sector, his ideal customer.

Iran is a new and important market and that's why there will be many chances and possibilities for doing business.

We offer top quality coffee and taste and we belive that this taste will be appreciated by Iranian people.

In my opinion the current situation is very appropriate for commercial cooperations, especially because Iran is a country with lots of resources and possibilities.

Our main target here at iran food + hospitality 2017 is to present and diffuse the taste and the quality of our products and I'm expecting that the Iranian people will receive our products warmly. 

Mr Olivier Dhondt, Sales Manager Middle-East - KIPCO-DAMACO

For Kipco Damaco it is the second time that we participate here at iran food + hospitality. We want to see if there are potentials for us to make business in this country and if we can find the right partners for our products. We started our first business so the Iranian market has potential for us.

We produce frozen foods like vegetables for example.

At the moment we are still starting our business here. We want to discover the Iranian market and to learn more about the culture here. Also we want to find the right agent and the right customers for our products. 

Mauricio, Dinda Foods

Dinda foods is a Brazilian company specialized in providing a range of food products, including grains, frozen beaf, etc.

Dinda foods delivers products with great quality and competitive prices. Our company sees Iran as a regional leader with great potential for cooperations with our country Brazil.

Our main target at iran food + hospitality 2017 is to develop long term cooperation with Iranian food distributors and retail companies. 

Ms Zhao Chunfang, General Manager – Baoqing Zhongqing Agricultural & Sideline Products
Baoqing Zhongqing Agricultural & Sideline Products locates in major producing area of pumpkin seeds (snow white, shine skin, GWS), and we are one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters for pumpkin seeds in China. We entered the Iranian market in 2017 because we figured out that it is a high potential market.
We are totally satisfied with the first two days at iran food + hospitality 2017 and hope that we can meet new potential customers the next days. We will come back for iran food + hospitality in 2018. 

Mr Masoud Qorbankhani, Head of Marketing - Ehyaye Jaddeh Abrisham

We are active in Iran since 20 years. We started our business in importing material for food companies (e.g. Vitamin C, Calsium). Since four years now we try to introduce end customer products for a healthy life style people. The needs of Iranian people are diferent due to the life changing here.

Our products are suitable for the Iranian market because they have special taste and they have a long shelf time.

Talking about the current situation in Iran is reallly difficult. It is complicate to describe it because people behaviours are changing so fast.

We have many targets here at iran food + hospitality 2017. We would like to find new business partners and we want to know our competitors and their new products. Next to this we want to present our products to end customers and last but not least we want to show our ability fo foreign companies. 

Ms Monika Krekora-Ansorge, Senior Export Manager - dr Gerard Grupa

Actually we have no activities in Iran. We are joining iran food + hospitality 2017 for the first time and are looking for a partner here - an exporting and distributing company. Iran, which has the biggest population in the region, is very important for our company.

We are producing biscuits and have a very wide range of products. Many of our products are innovative and we will be glad to present them here.

We see the latest changes here in Iran very positive and as a opportunity to enter a new market and to gain new customers.

Our main target here at iran food + hospitality 2017 is to find a partner for the Iranian market who can distribute our products. We want to present our brand - dr Gerard - and our excellent products here.

Mr Sagar Dey, Asst. General Manager International Sales - Ashapura Perfoclay Limited

After sanctions lifted, Iran is a growing and booming market. And this helps us to penetrate the oil segment here. Our product has application in edible oil and we can support this market with a very competitive price and and a good quality.

Our main target here at iran food + hospitality 2017 is to find new business partners and to enhance the relationships with existing customers. We are expecting to have many business meetings in the next days. 

Ms Kim Geon-Ye, Trade Department - Green Co. Ltd.

Green Co. Ltd. is a leading company to export fresh mushrooms (Enoki mushroom, Eryngii mushroom, Shimeji mushroom and etc.) around 20 countries. Our mushrooms are very healthy and unique. There are several kinds of mushrooms here in Iran and we would like to introduce our ones here, too.

It is the first time that we are active in Iran. We have never exported our products to Iran before. But we would like to meet Iranian buyers here at iran food + hospitality 2017.

We hope to have fruitful meetings in the next few days. 

Mr Peter Zhang, Sales Manager - Shengfeng Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.

We are active in Iran since June 2013 because we notice that Iranian people like our products. We produce, process and sale different products, e.g. snow white pumpkin seeds, shine skin pumpkin seeds, shine skin pumpkin kernel, etc.

We participate here at iran food + hospitality 2017 to find Iranian partners.