This is what our exhibitors say

Mr Antonio Sampalo, Aceites Abril - Export Director

We are active in Iran since more than seven years now. We sell our olive oil very well.

Actually we are looking for new clients here at iran food + hospitality 2018. We need to find a distributor for our products. At this moment and after the first two days of the exhibition we are satisfied with the visitors. Highlight here is the power of professional attraction.

Concering Iran, we will see how the situation develops over the next months. 

Mr Thomas Oderich, Oderich – Managing Director

It is our first time in Iran. We already sell to other Middle East countries. The Iranian market is very big and diverse and has a strategical location among other countries in the region.

At iran food + hospitality 2018 we met all kind of visitors from distributors to trading companies. For some of them our products are new business opportunities.

Highlight at this show is the number of visitors from different cultures and the variety of exhibitors.

The Iranian market has a high purchasing power and our products fit the local taste. Our country doesn’t have any issues with this country and to have a partnership between Iran and Brazil will be a benefit for both countries.

Ms. Thamiris Queiroz, Açaí é Petruz – Export Manager

We are a Brazilian company with 35 years of experience in the tropical fruit market. Our goal is to bring the benefits of Açaí berry all over the world.

It is the first time we are here in Iran and we see a very good opportunity to participate in the market selling frozen fruits. At iran agro 2018 we already got to know some distributors interested in developing our product in the Iranian market.

The current political and financial instability means more payment difficulties and less flexibility from our side.

Mr Javad Hayati, Dellos - Director

We are active in Iran since 2005 due to the high population of Iran and so many end users.

Here at iran food + hospitality 2018 we met wholesalers & distributors and we are really satisfied with the number and quality of our visitors. Highlight here at the show is the chance for our company to introduce our products.

The current situation with Iran is not really good but due to the years that we have been in Iran we keep going forward. 

Mr Chen Zhihong, Tonghang Food Trade Co. LTD - Sales Manager

Since 2017 we are active in Iran as our products are basically required by the Iranian market.

So far we met mostly traders here at iran food + hospitality 2018, but also distributors: And yes, we are satisfied with our visitors.

Highlights of this event are the organization, the services and the number of visitors.

Concerning Iran, this is a world political situation and the transaction capability have given more cost in business. 

Mr Om Parkash Arora (middle), Bulzai India PVT LTD - Director manager

We are active in Iran since 15 years now. It is a good market for us.

At iran food + hospitality 2018 we met many importer companies.

Iran wants to import products with a high price, e.g. also our products. But if the currency is going up, they will stop importing. 

Mr Petras Vainoras (left), agaras – Export Manager

We have been trying to find our place in the Iranian market since 2016 and have attended the exhibitions ever since. Iran is the heart of the Middle East and meat plays a significant role in the diet of 80 million people in Iran.

Our visitors here at iran food + hospitality 2018 are mainly distributors. This event is actually a very crowded and professional show.

In our opinion, the highlight of the show is the get together of all lines of food business figures in one place.

The current situation in Iran? Since the exchange of IRR has dropped drastically within the past couple of months, we think it will be more difficult to represent competitive rates. 

Mr Amirmehdi Kamran, Sabajam Isatis (distributor of Italian company Dolfin) - President

We are active in Iran since six years. The Iranian market is a growing market, especially for bio and organic products.

Yes, so far we are satisfied with our visitors, we met some distribution companies at our booth.

One highlight at iran food + hospitality 2018 is the presence of small food industries here. 

Ms Tharinee Paounpongkul, Tipco - Commercial Manager

More than 10 years we are active in Iran now. There is a high demand in canned pineapple and fruits from Thailand.

So far we met distributors, trading companies and agents here at iran food + hospitality 2018. We met many visitors here and we might need more time for discussions with these prospect customers after the show.

This show is great as there are many different products available for local and overseas buyers.

From new/current customers and visitors here we would like to know how to continue the business with Iran under the change of the country.

Mr Shakeel Ahmed (right), Zaiqa Food Industries - Factory Manager

Zaiqa Food Industries began its operations in 1996 as a spice processing company, later diversified into various food products. Today our products are part of thousands of kitchens in different forms worldwide with the brand of ZAIQA & TOOBA.

This is our first exhibition in Iran and we try to search distributors for our products.

The Iranian market looks like a very good market for us and to do business here in the future.